GHBH 010 36 2R8

GHBH 010 36 2R8

Uncover the exceptional cooling prowess of the GHBH 010 36 2R8, WZ Machinery Systems’ leading air-cooled industrial chiller. Designed for reliability and top-tier performance, this chiller unit provides tailored cooling solutions for industrial requirements. Enjoy consistent temperature regulation across various industrial processes, courtesy of its cutting-edge cooling technology and durable construction. Dive into WZ Machinery Systems’ extensive lineup of industrial chillers now to experience unmatched cooling efficiency and reliable operation.


GHBH 010 36 2R8  11.5 HP

Model: GHBH 010 36 2R8
Phase: Three
Stage: Double
Power: 8.6 (kw)
Air Flow: 620 (m3/h)
Vacuum: 360 (mBar)
Pressure: 330 (mBar)
Sound:  78 (Db)
Weight:  87 (kg)
Voltage: 380-480∆/660-720Ƴ
Current: 17.3∆/1.0Ƴ (amp)
Dimensions(L*W*H): 545*500*509 (mm)